At the heart of Liangchew's goal to grow our business is our mission to be a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to delivering the best to our customers and stakeholders while making a positive impact on community, environment and planet.

Our Sustainability strategy guides our efforts in five important areas in our business:

Production & Manufacturing

We endeavor to make our manufacturing process as holistic as possible, taking into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability and price.

Constantly evolving to improve our manufacturing system, eg the coating process for our cast iron hubless epoxy pipes are spray painted in an enclosed room to reduce pollution effects and minimize health effects caused to employees.

Our products range evolves to include items that minimize wastage and maximise efficiency, eg from products that are connected using welding methods like capillary fittings to pressfit fittings. Pressfit method allows one person to fix and press fittings by themselves. We embrace automation leveraging advanced technologies such as Press-Fit — a reliable, solder-free, lead-free and automation-friendly approach that enables us to build superior products with greater design flexibility with energy and manhour savings.

Our latest product design is the new generation Push-fit Pex pipes and fittings. Once the pipes are cut squarely, they no longer require deburring and calibration before connecting joints. Push-fit method is the easiest and fastest way to connect joints. There is also no waiting time required for the pipes to be dry when using push-fit fittings, unlike copper and PVC pipes.

We believe in achieving world-class production standards without compromising the quality of our products and our commitment to the wellbeing of our workforce and the environment.


Norika products are proudly designed in Singapore #supportlocal

Our design mission is to continuously innovate and improve our products to enhance the lives of our customers with reliable, high quality and functional wares, we aim to minimise any redundancy and negative impact of our business on Planet Earth.

We source the most sustainable and high quality materials sourced from reliable suppliers. Thoughtful and responsibly-sourced materials such as biodegradable plastics and metals are factored in from the start of our product design and manufacturing process.


We strive to use eco-friendly, recycled and bio-degradable materials in the development of the box and plastic packaging of our products.


Our central digitalised logistics management system helps us plan our deliveries efficiently, effectively and safely.

We employ smart planning solutions such as a GPS tracking system, live surveilance and digitally-aided route planning to get every item delivered on time and on target. By using this system, it helps to minimize carbon footprint for all our deliveries.


To do good as we excel defines our values and office culture. We aim to do our part to save the earth and reduce cutting down of trees by implementing e-invoicing in all our transactional documentation, such as delivery orders and invoices. This also allows for customers to check through the soft copy documents easily on their end.

We promote energy-saving practices in the day to day activities at all levels and strive to inspire our people to be environmentally aware, not only at work but also in their daily lives.